Loan Your Items For Instant Cash

A “pawn” is a short term collateral loan which means that we will loan money to you for anything you have that is valuable. Whether it be jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, or automobiles, as long as it has value you can receive your loan instantly!

All loans are funded in cash with no credit check or hassle. Simply bring a valid Picture ID and easily receive your money in literally minutes!

Obtaining a loan typically takes about a 10 minute process.

  1. Bring in any item of value you may have that you would like to pledge as collateral.
  2. One of our specialists will make a valuation of your item and determine the amount of money you can borrow against it.
  3. A loan amount is agreed upon, and a pledge agreement will be prepared for your signature. After the terms of the pledge agreement are explained, you will receive the full amount of your loan.

Getting a loan from Pawtucket Pawn couldn’t be easier.